phone total

Business Telefonanlage im Netz
Telefon-Komplett-Lösung aus einer Hand
ab 6,70 € pro Monat telefonieren

  • full functionality
  • free internal calls
  • free calls to mobile phone using sip
  • no classical phone access ISDN, POTS, E1 needed
  • maximum resilience (fails over on any secondary internet access, can be moved and deployed on a new site within hours, automated fail-over routing for each extension)
information in portable data format
phone total

phone total

cloud based phone system for professionals

Your phone system is as flexible as your business.

No matter if you are at headquarters, in your home office or with a customer. You can use your phone extension everywhere if you choose so. Also your mailbox, call controls etc. are with you.

The system is instantly extensible and easy to configure over the web-interface. The price depends on the number of activated extensions per month.

6,70 € per extension

phone total - fully featured for a fair price

call diversion, call waiting, redial, hold, multiline, caller list, call ID presentation / suppression, conference room for up to 20 participants, individual music on hold, central phone book, fixed mobile integration of mobile phone / pda, e-fax send/receive, voice-to-email, computer-telephony-integration (CTI), self-configuration over web-interface

web-based service portal

Most functionalities of phone total can be configured using the web-management service portal - You can choose English instead of German in the left upper corner of each screen.

Extensions and direct dial (DID) can be added by the click of a mouse, as well as call queues, new hardphones etc. There is no need for special IT knowledge. The web interface has been designed for use by non-technical personnel.

services and pricing

phone total has a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) and very competitive phone rates. Internal calls are free of charge no matter where the endpoints are installed in the internet. An FMC client on your mobile phone can help to minimise roaming costs for national and international calls. Please call our toll-free number for further information: 0800-3030333 from Germany or +49-89-2060333-555 for international customers that can not dial to German toll free numbers.

phone rental starts with rates for hardphones from €5 per month. planet 33 operates your whole phone system and replaces any on site rental equipment within UPS delivery performance / service level agreement.

If you purchase the phones, the operation of an extension starts at €6,70 per month including all the features described above.

Please find planet 33_phone total's pricing and rates here.

internet access

phone total uses an existing broadband internet access or a voice-dedicated data line provided by planet 33 for guaranteed quality of service (QoS).
A single voice channel needs 100 kbit/s duplex bandwidth. If there are more than five extensions on a single site and there is no quality of service for voip implemented on the access-line, we recommend a dedicated data line for voice use only.

internet access options

option 1 - 12 voice channels dedicated line €35 per month
option 2 - 25 voice channels dedicated line €95 per month
option 3 - QoS implementation on existing planet 33_data internet access

Please find more information regarding infrstructure options here.

phone total OFFICE FLAT 5, 15 und 45 bundles

planet 33 phone total OFFICE FLAT bundles a service level agreement (SLA), phone rental, dedicated voice access and voice and data flat rates.

phone total OFFICE FLAT 5 for small companies with 5 to 10 employees, phone total OFFICE FLAT 15 for companies with 15 to 30 employees and phone total OFFICE FLAT 45 for midsize customers with 45 and more extensions.



Individuelle Systemhauslösungen

data SDSL

Symmetrische Internetanbindung ab 95,- € im Monat

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Tel.:+49 (0) 89 2060333-0 • Fax.:+49 (0) 89 2060333-33

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